Some workforce challenges are large enough to affect an entire industry. AAWDC addresses these challenges by bringing together businesses, economic development, workforce development, education and training, government, labor and community organizations to focus on the challenges of an industry within a local or regional labor market. AAWDC’s industry growth strategies offer a focused, strategic approach to using regional resources to provide high proportions of jobs, from entry-level to advanced.

What are Industry Collaboratives?

A strategic partnership between businesses and workforce development partners to build a skilled talent pipeline

Why Are Industry Collaboratives Needed?

There is an urgent need in the Anne Arundel County region for vetted, skilled talent in the high-growth, high-demand industries. AAWDC in partnership with the Anne Arundel County Local Workforce Development Board is establishing industry collaboratives in the top five industries to identify, discuss, and develop innovative solutions to the growing shortage of skilled talent.

Who Participated in Industry Collaboratives?

Industry collaboratives are made up of business representatives from the target industry or sub-industry, industry associations/groups, AAWDC, Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, Anne Arundel Community College, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and other workforce partners. The businesses lead the collaborative and the workforce partners provide support and implement the projects outlined by the collaborative.

What do the Industry Collaboratives Accomplish?

The collboratives use labor market data and business insights to determine the industry pain-points that the collaborative wants to address. Next, the collaboratives work together to develop and implement customized solutions to address the pain-points across the industry.

  • Industry Awareness - The collaboratives work together to increase awareness of the opportunities and career pathways in their industry. As part of this process businesses verify published labor market data and provide insights into the industry. Projects include: industry awareness videos, industry career booklets, and panel discussions for interested candidates.
  • New Talent Development - The collaboratives identify the most in-demand occupations and develop training programs that give candidates the essential skills, occupational skills, certifications, and/or hands-on experience needed to fill the demand. Projects include: occupational training, work and learn development, essential skills training through the Workplace Excellence Series, and apprenticeship development.
  • Upskilling Current Talent - The collaboratives develop career pathways for key occupations and create training programs to move current talent up the career ladder to fill higher-skilled positions. Projects include: career pathway development, incumbent worker training, and building apprenticeships.

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