Karen had been unemployed since 2013 and had been working as a homemaker caring for her family.  She learned that AAWDC assists individuals in not only finding their next career but in gaining the skills needed for that career.  Karen was determined to find a career that she loved and decided to pursue a career in healthcare.  She entered training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (CNA/GNA) and she also recieved training in CPR, First Aid, and Certified Medication Technician.  During and after training Karen worked with AAWDC staff to improve her resume and complete mock interviews with local businesses.  After hard work Karen is now a CNA/GNA with HomeInstead.

"I enjoy working for HomeInstead and my residents and clients are doing fine. Every day is a new day and always interesting and challenging! I am never bored, just like when I was teaching! I enjoy working in the facilities in the Memory Care Units. The staff is very kind and caring! They are there because they love people! I like traveling to the many different homes and assisting the client and family in any way I can! So yes this new career is a great fit for me!"
- Karen