Innovative Sourcing

Businesses can only grow as fast as they can hire new employees. Finding the employees needed to expand your business can slow down your growth and exhaust your resources. This is especially true in small businesses and high-growth industries, where resources are limited and opportunities move quickly. Fortunately, AAWDC can help businesses identify and secure the talent needed to keep pace with expansion and growth. Let us help build your workforce using our innovative sourcing solutions:

  • Targeted outreach to qualified candidates
  • Access to candidates that meet your workforce needs
  • Applicant pre-screenings
  • Customized recruitments
  • Online job postings and recruiting tools
  • Candidate pre-engagement
  • Open recruitments and job fairs
  • Guidence on writing an effective job listing
  • Hiring incentives
  • Train to Hire options

Talent Management

As a business evolves, it needs to successfully manage its talent to keep moving forward. Our talent management solutions can help businesses maximize their talent in times of growth, change, or reorganization.

  • Corporate downsizing assistance and layoff aversion
    • Downsizing assistance lessens the negative impact of employee separation due to reorganization
    • Layoff aversion helps businesses at risk of downsizing or closure, remain competitive in the marketplace, and may provide rapid response funding
  • Employee retention services
  • Career progression and maps
  • Human resources tool kits
  • Working with targeted populations (e.g. veterans, people with disabilities, youth)

Upskill Your Talent

AAWDC can help you take loyal and valued employees to their next skill level. Our upskill solutions improve your business, increase employee retention, and promote employee commitment.

  • Customized trainings
  • Industry certifications
  • Essential workplace skills
    • Workplace Excellence Series
    • English as a second language
  • Technical skill-building
    • Incumbent worker training

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