Some workforce challenges are large enough to affect an entire industry. AAWDC addresses these challenges by bringing together businesses, economic development, workforce development, education and training, government, labor and community organizations to focus on the challenges of an industry within a local or regional labor market. AAWDC’s industry growth strategies offer a focused, strategic approach to using regional resources to provide high proportions of jobs, from entry-level to advanced.

Existing Industry Sector Partnerships

  • CyberWorks: The Cybersecurity/IT Industry Consortium – Maryland’s cybersecurity industry is facing a major labor challenge, with over 50,000 jobs that cannot be filled due to lack of qualified talent. To help solve this challenge, AAWDC led the creation of a “Strategic Industry Partnership” in cybersecurity. The group includes cybersecurity business and industry leaders, higher education institutions, workforce development organizations, and government agencies. The group determined that a lack of on-the-job experience was the major barrier to filling the open jobs. To get candidates the required experience, the group created the CyberWorks initiative. Similar to medical residence models, CyberWorks provides candidates with real life hands on experience provided by group members. The program is extremely successful and helping to address the major labor challenges in cybersecurity.
  • Hotel Sector Partnership - The hotel and hospitality industry has a large presence in Anne Arundel County and faces a constant turnover of workers. AAWDC brought together several major hotels in the area to create an industry sector partnership and address the challenge. The group needed a large pipeline of qualified workers and created a comprehensive program to identify workers, provide the necessary training, and bring them onboard. The three-week training program included essential workplace skills training, a national certification, and a two week internship. The program has successfully addressed the industry’s challenge and continues to be a major source of high value workers.

Training Alignment

  • AAWDC believes that the key to providing training or education is ensuring that it is aligned with the needs of industry and business in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding region. This approach results in an increased number of qualified workers achieving new and expanded careers, and fueling the economic growth of businesses.
  • AAWDC utilizes industry sector partnerships and industry roundtable discussions to ensure that the training delivered by our initiatives is in line with the needs of the high-growth industries in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding region. By aligning training, AAWDC ensures that both the needs of county businesses are met and individuals are receiving valuable training that will help advance their careers.

Subject Matter Experts

  • AAWDC founded the concept of “Industry Navigators” to help analyze the dynamics of entire industry verticals. Industry Navigators are AAWDC employees who become experts on both the needs of their industries and the individuals breaking into the industry. They identify the major players, break down the big issues, and study the talent.
  • Industry Navigators lead the formation of industry sector partnerships and convene business roundtable discussions to ensure that AAWDC is accurately meeting the current and future needs of the entire industry.
  • Industry Navigators review labor market information and keep in touch with the pulse of businesses. They track the evolution of the industry environment to provide businesses with proactive strategies to address future workforce needs.

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