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Top 3 Events This Week

E-Learning - Metrix Learning and Google Scholarships

April 23, 10am - 12pm

Come join us for an exciting event focused on E-learning opportunities with Metrix Learning and Google Scholarships. Learn about the latest trends in online education and how you can benefit from these programs. Whether you're looking to upskill, reskill, or explore new career paths, this event is perfect for anyone interested in leveraging technology for personal and professional growth.

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Career ReStart Bootcamp

April 24, 3 - 3:30pm

Career ReStart is an intensive course led by a certified trainer where you will create an action plan that will become your GPS to your next job. Learn how to stand out with your resume and land jobs that make you happy and give you the quality of life you deserve.

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April 24, 5 - 7pm

Connect with businesses that are currently ready to hire. Come dressed to impress and prepared to interview. Don't miss out on meeting with potential employers and landing your dream job!

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