AAWDC Impact

AAWDC impacts Anne Arundel County as a whole by helping to put citizens back to work.  We do this by partnering with business to learn about their needs and training citizens with the skills needed to fill positions in area businesses. Our impact goes beyond the numbers below.  AAWDC provides services for various populations that have multiple barriers to emplyoment to ensure that they can become productive members of the county's worksforce.  

Here's what we are doing to impact the workforce in Anne Arundel County:

  • 4,797  Center visits
  • 13,466  Staff assisted services provided 
  • 3,325 Unique individuals received staff assisted services 
  • 1,765  Participants enrolled in initiatives
  • 396  Participants placed in occupational training
  • 233  Participants received credentials 
  • 324  Participants placed in work and learn opportunities
  • 674  Participants obtained employment
Since July 2018