Sigi-3[1] (System of Interactive Guidance and Information) is a special tool that can help you to plan your career. Sigi-3 is one of the most advanced education and career planning systems available. It combines the information about occupations, work-related values, interests, personality types, skills, educational programs, and more.

Sigi-3 Can Help You

  • Understand your work-related values, interests and skills.
  • Develop your own educational and career plan to map out your future.
  • Find out what skills and education employers want for certain occupations.
  • Easily find current, reliable in-depth occupational information to make career decisions.
  • Learn about your strengths and personality to determine a satisfying career path.

To Get Started

Turn Your Results Into Your Career

Attend a Design Your Career workshop to learn about training and career coaching opportunities that can assist you in pursuing your career.



[1] SiGi3 was developed by a team of researchers and specialists at Educational Testing Service (ETS) and revised by Valpar International Corporation.